Mind-Body Wellness Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT500

C L I E N T S '    F E E D B A C K
I am retired with disability. Yoga with Shelley has helped my low back problem (lying down with radiation into legs at times). Even though I could not attend all classes last year and first of this year due to medical problems, yoga has helped me with strength and flexibility. Since I am extremely tense when I arrive, I am relaxed when I leave, but just get stressed again by the time I get home, although I can become relaxed again. It depends upon situation. But I just try to practice breathing. My blood pressure is down. I do not think it has all to do with medication. I think yoga has a great effect.

The only thing I have difficulty with besides movement is my respirations and slower. Therefore it takes me a little time for the next breath. If I attempt to breath more quickly I feel light headed. I think I am benefiting from the sessions. Thank you.
--- Sue Jahn, Retired Nurse

I am very pleased with Dr. Wu. Impressed, is really the word I want to use. I had a real phobia and experienced a panic attack last year from seeing roaches in a photo. After my treatment I have seen them in pictures and hardly even noticed. I traveled to a humid weather location and was able to see the bugs on the street and calmly move away without being afraid. It is such a relief to not be afraid of something after 30 years of "freaking out" over it.

Specially for a person like me, I am an engineer, very rational and analytical but that was the one thing I could not rationalize or understand it was just uncontrollable fear and prior attempts to resolve it were worthless. I saw Dr. Wu for a few months and I am good for life. Dr. Wu has helped me with overcoming phobia to roaches and developing healthy eating habits.
--- S.C.M., Industrial engineer

Dr. Wu has made me a believer in the process of hypnotherapy. She listens, understands and designs a very specific approach toward solutions to your problems. She is awesome and I am so grateful for her help. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and hope to continue to work with her. Issues Dr. Wu helped me with: Confidence, calm, organization, focus, career, health, diet.
--- Cynthia Gladstone, Artist

Dr. Shelley Wu has been a life-saver for me. I first saw her for hypnotherapy sessions regarding my high-anxiety, low self-esteem, and severe procrastination. These were manifesting themselves in my inability to complete my very overdue graduate school assignments, and my timidity in pursuing the executive positions of higher responsibility I have been wanting to pursue. My mental block and fear were holding me back and putting the brakes on my life. I just couldn't get off the sidelines and into the game. Well, after six hypnotherapy sessions and three yoga sessions something clicked, because I finally sat down, completed my assignments, and will receive my Masters degree in a few weeks. In addition, I started an aggressive job search for a private sector executive position with much higher responsibilities, rewards, and a better future than my present Civil Service job. Thanks to Dr. Wu I'm now off the sidelines and back in the game. Thank You Dr. Wu.
--- P. F., Management Consultant

I have been practicing yoga in addition to my regular work outs for about two years now. I like it very much because it not only can increase my flexibility, improve my posture but also reduce stress and experience positive changes on mind and emotions. Another reason why I like yoga is that I can practice it at any time and any where, especially when I travel. It is very convenient for me.

Shelley is the best teacher I have known. She gives you detailed instructions on how to get into a posture and how to get out of a posture, so you don't hurt yourself. She also tells you the benefit of each different posture, so you know what to practice when you need them.
--- Polly Liew, Real Estate Development and Management

Dr. Wu has helped me quit smoking.
I started smoking at the age of ten and had been smoking for 26 years, I never thought I would be able to quit, it was who I was and all I knew. I must have tried to quit smoking a dozen plus times and never made it passed day two. Amazingly after just one session with Dr. Wu, I stopped. Her insight and intelligence, really helped me put things into perspective, and her calming nature really helped me relax. I went back for a second visit, as a kind of reinforcement of the first and have been smoke free now for a month, which if you knew me, is a miracle. I would definitely refer Dr. Wu to any one who wanted to quit smoking or just needed help in other areas of their lives.
--- John Narducci, Designer/Student

Dr. Wu has helped me with stopping nail biting and strengthening personal motivation. Dr. Wu has an extraordinary and unique method. She not only educates you, but helps you see things in life that we normally let pass by. With her personal touch, you feel like you are floating on heaven's cloud and she is like your guardian angel. I highly recommend Dr. Wu for anybody, anytime!
--- G. Fernando, Personal Banker

I worked with Dr Wu for well over a year. She definitely helped me and there is no doubt that I made significant improvements during our time working together. As a yoga instructor, she helped me overcome and improve upon several physical challenges that I face. As a hypnotherapist, she helped me eliminate some bad nutritional habits and live a healthier lifestyle. My life is better because of her.
--- J. from the Defense Industry

Shelley has introduced the concept and basic method of Yoga to me. It was an eye-opening experience for me. I am interest in maintaining and expanding my range of motion. I have achieved significant results since I start to practice with her. Her Yoga methods also helped to reduce my knee pain so that I can be more active in other sports.
--- Helen H., Scientist in Biotechnology

I think overall that hypnosis really helped me... Thank you so much for your wonderful support and guidance. This was my first experience with hypnosis which I think is truly an art and science. I plan to continue my endeavor and will keep you posted in the future.
--- MD Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

My reason for seeking Yoga and Hypnotherapy was to help with depression and the weight gain that followed from medicating myself with food. I can say after 7 session with Dr. Wu, I feel as if I have a new lease on life. I have so far lost 26 lbs and have achieved a level of confidence and well-being not felt in many years. The cycle of eating junk foods-weight gain-depression-more junk food have seemed to disapear and replaced with urges for fruits, vegitables, water and exercise. Dr. Wu's expertise, knowledge, and understanding is exceptional. I could not recommend anyone more.
--- R C, Registered Nurse

Dr. Wu has helped me with public speaking. Once upon a time, I was an extremely shy young woman who would sink low into her chair to avoid being noticed. Through life experiences and professional growth I became more comfortable speaking in front of small groups of people. The more I spoke, the more confident I became in my knowledge and message. From time to time I had a speaking experience that left me doubting my ability to be a public speaker: my hands would shake, my mouth would get dry, I focused more on people's reaction to me rather than on my presentation. After being an independent businessowner for a couple years, I made the decision to expand my services by incorporating community education and continuing education courses for attorneys, CPAs and licensed financial/insurance professionals into my business. While I felt extremely confidant with my subject knowledge, I did not feel completely confident in my abilities as a presenter. Having utilized a hypnotherapist in the past (for an unrelated purpose), I enlisted the professional help of Dr. Wu to help me gain focus and the confidence required to give a successful presentation. Her natural ability to listen and put your fears” at rest with a common sense approach, helped give me that extra little confidence I needed to remain calm and focused during the presentations. I was able to relax and really absorb the enjoyment I received from sharing information with others. The techniques and tools I have received from Dr. Wu have crossed over to other areas of my life and will be a sustaining method of focus and enjoyment for years to come!
--- Cori Nichols, LTCP (Long-Term Care Planning and Insurance Services)

Dr. Wu has helped me with motivation and goals. I noticed when I've started my sessions, I was low on self confidence, mostly because I was giving myself unreachable goals; of course I only started to recognize this after Dr. Wu pointed it out. Now that my sessions are complete I feel happier, and more my self. I know now when I set myself up for failure by recognizing that there are some goals not important enough to fret over and cause worry. I feel like I have the tools and capability to reach any goal I'l like to achieve; given it is something that will benefit me. I know now that I can do it. I feel much better about that.
--- Katie J., Student

Issues Dr. Wu helped me with included skin picking and bad diet. I stopped picking my scalp immediately and have continued to not pick at my scalp or skin. Dr. Wu helped me to start drinking a lot more water. She also got me back to exercising 3 times a week.
--- David Bruce, Analyst

Dr. Wu has helped me with audition/performance anxiety issues. The hypnotherapy greatly helped with my ability to control my audition anxiety. The process of controlled breathing or more awareness of my breath allowed me to calm myself at the first symptoms of anxiety. The process of mentally finding a power place for auditions and visualizing a successful and joyful performance made the actual experience of auditioning more enjoyable. I am very grateful for the help as many of my friends are on beta-blockers but I have a natural healthy approach to dealing with anxiety.
--- Danielle, Singer

Dr. Wu has help me quit smoking. I finally found something that worked for my smoking. Have not wanted to smoke since. Really improved my work situation and relationship. Never knew how time consuming smoking was and how free I am.
--- Chantelle Gayagas, General Manager of Restaurant

Dr. Wu's guidance has helped me resolve certain anxiety issues I had. She made me emphasize and put more energy into positive thoughts. Her hypnotherapy techniques have made me at ease with my self. Her calming voice guided me throughout the hypnotherapy session. Visualizing myself in calm, serene environment is a technique I will now use for any sort of anxiety that may come up. Thank you Dr. Wu for all your help and guidance!!
--- LG

Shelley is very knowledgeable and provides wonderful guidance and understanding in yoga that encourages me to continue practicing for years to come. Thank you!
--- Lysa Woodall

I truly believe that with the guidance from Dr. Wu, you are in control of your own thoughts and actions. I've learned how to react more rationally to situations and people. More importantly, I've learned how to channel negative emotions into positive ones through the use of effective tools Dr. Wu has shared with me. She has help me with how to dal with negative thoughts and negativity in general.
--- Leilanie R. in Marketing

Comments: We are in our 70s and are physically active. We thought we didn't need to practise Yoga, until we had our first lesson with Dr. Wu. She demonstrated how our range of motion was limited by lack of stretching exercise and poor breathing habits. After 6 excellent sessions with her we have seen significant improvements. Learning the history and concept of Yoga is a great experience! Now we are looking forward to many Yoga practice when we go back China!
--- Mr. and Mrs. Xu, Retired Professors

Dr. Wu has helped me with stiffness in my neck and upper body as well as my entire body. The stretching and relaxation have helped me get in better touch with my body. I have learned to slow down and relax my entire body especially in stressful situations, which I often am in. Thank you!
--- Kathie Harris, Real Estate Agent

I met Dr. Shelley Wu, with my wife, at a yoga class. One of my issues is weight control, or I should say lack of weight control. I started hypnotherapy May of 2004, and after three months I have lost 30 pounds, about 21/2 pounds a week. I have more than this one issue; I also have emotional issues, as many overweight (obese) people do. Dr. Wu has done more to assist me on emotional issues than fourteen years of traditional therapy. My treatment will take quite a while to correct the years of poor eating; however I am sure Dr. Wu is the right person for me to work with. I'm not a young person; I am 60. However I have learned so much from Dr. Wu already that I am a much happier person, showing results outside and in my heart. Shelley really cares about her patients, she is more than a hypnotherapist to me, and she is my friend. I recommend Dr. Shelley Wu with no reservation whatsoever.
--- Dean N. King, Poway, CA

Shelley helped me narrow down a particularly troubling issue that has been with me for my life. She is gentle yet insightful, and served as the ideal guide into my subconscious. This was a powerful experience I recommend to anyone seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level.
--- M.M.

Dr. Wu has helped me change diet. The sessions were very helpful. Dr. Wu helped me sort out issues and identify weak points and strong points in my approach towards my diet. Positive changes in my diet have occurred thanks to Dr. Wu.
--- Chad Nickerson, Sony Tech

Dr. Wu has helped me with poor vision due to stress. I feel way more relaxed now. I see my vision problems as an extension of other underlying issues. I know what to do to relax now. Helping myself relax releases tension and helps me to have more energy so that I am more effective at my daily tasks.
--- N. Dial, Business Woman

K. was 12 years old when we sought assistance from Dr. Wu a few months ago. K. was easily and greatly irritated and distracted by his excitable and poorly-behaved middle school classmates, and his psychiatrist (K. has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder) suggested meditation as a source of relief. Dr. Wu taught K. meditation exercises by coaching him through the process in an easy yet expert manner. He has been able to duplicate the exercises at home which has enhanced his ability to cope with his classmates. It has helped him even more to learn... that it is possible to take control of his environment internally. Thank you, Dr. Wu.
--- Mrs. M., K's Mom

Dr. Wu has been wonderful. She has helped me to lose 10 pounds and increase my confidence level. With Dr. Wu's help I know that I will continue to lose weight and feel better about myself. I would highly recommend her services and I plan on coming back to Dr. Wu periodically to continue the positive changes that I have made with her help. Issues Dr. Wu helped me with: Weight Loss & Self-Confidence.
--- Bridget G., Realtor

I sought the services of Dr. Wu to learn how to keep focused, to find balance, to enjoy the simple things, and most of all how to breathe. In addition, I have learned how to listen to my body and control erratic impulses that make some of my goals and efforts futile. I am exploring different avenues of my mind that have never been traveled before. Lastly, I'm seeking her assistance in eliminating my habits of poor language (namely curse words). She has taught me on being a better father, husband and person.
--- Peter M. McKibbin (a happier client), Mortgage Loan Consultant

Shelley has a wealth of knowledge and is very proficient at sharing this with her clients. She is an excellent role model for all women and I am grateful to have worked with her to overcome my weight problems. I will continue to attend her yoga classes because they are beneficial to my well-being. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance.
--- Sherry Smith, Mortgage Underwriter

Dr. Wu has been a priceless influence in my personal quest for a healthier and pain free life. She has been a wonderful addition to my weekly schedule. Dr. Wu has taught me skills and exercises through our weekly yoga and relaxation sessions that have allowed me to strengthen my back and live a much more productive life. In fact, I am playing golf without any pain for the first time in years. Thank you for all you’ve done to improve my daily life!
--- Luke May, Realtor

Dear Shelley: I so much appreciate your warm sincere thoughtfulness. Not only have you been a remarkably good instructor for yoga and hypnotherapy, but also you have demonstrated your ability as a compassionate caring person who truly takes pride in her profession and in the well-being of her clients beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for your honest good energy.
--- Fabienne Hendrix, San Diego, CA

Dr. Wu has helped me with anxiety which resulted in Panic Attacks. I'm so excited by the results I've noticed after seeing Dr. Wu only after 4 sessions. This challenge in my life was affecting me professionally and personally. I now feel calmer & relaxed in any type of situation. I've decided to continue seeing her for yoga on a regular basis because I know this will help me forever. Thank You Dr. Wu!
--- I. Gonzalez, Outside Sales

I have pain and uneven flexibility between my left and right side, particularly in my hips. Dr Shelley Wu has helped me to strengthen and release tension in that area. --- Jackie Gray, Bookkeeper/Artist

I found it easy to discuss my issues with Shelley and from there we were able to work out a course of action. Shelley is very intuitive and seems to have a genuine interest and compassion for what she does.
--- M., Accountant

Dr. Wu has helped me to find ways to tune into my emotions, and therefore relax both my body and mind when necessary. I have also greatly enjoyed my weekly yoga sessions with Dr. Wu.
--- Jessica Y., Rancho Bernardo , CA

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, yo-yoing up and down. Through hypnotherapy I have been able to incorporate healthy eating habits that have allowed me to maintain my weight effortlessly. I am very excited about the prospect of living a healthy, balanced life without the ups and downs on the scale.
--- Wyatt, Attorney

Dr. helped me with weight loss and sleep. I had been at a breaking point. I felt as if I was never going to get better. I had tried all diets, therapy, ect. Dr. Wu helped me get in touch with what my body and mind truly needed. I have begun losing weight and felt so much more confident about my decisions in my personal and professional life.
--- Michelle Liljengren, Fitness Trainer

Dr. Shelley Wu has been an eternal blessing in my life. She has enriched my life not only physically, more importantly, emotionally and spiritually. In working with her, I have obtained profound balance in my life. Her guidance I once sought on a superficial level extended to a deeper understanding of myself, which resulted in a strong foundation at this early stage in my life. Acting as a sounding board, by which I could hear myself think, my session with Dr. Wu revealed much about myself that I had not chosen to face.
--- Melissa Vera, Student, Writer

Hypnotherapy with Dr. Wu has really helped with my eating habits. The suggestions that were given to me while in hypnosis have helped me in areas where my will power had always failed me.

In addition, through hypnosis, Dr. Wu has greatly improved my motivation for achieving my career goals. I run my own consulting company, where self-motivation is vital.
--- Peng, CA

My yoga and guided imagery sessions with Shelley have been great. I can't say enough about how much they have helped reduce my stress level and develop a calming outlook on life. I have also done hypnotherapy sessions on hypertension with Shelley. Her techniques as well as her soothing personality are very effective. I have noticed results immediately.
--- Mary Davidson, San Diego, CA

Shelley has helped me overcome anxieties. Shelley has been very patient with me in my yoga sessions, she has taught me a lot over the past few months. I have been able to overcome some of my anxiety issues thru my yoga sessions. I feel with more sessions more of my anxiety will go away. I am looking forward to a long term yoga relationship with Shelley.
--- Mark, Mira Mesa

Dr. Wu was incredibly helpful and inspirational in helping me to quit drinking. I had tried traditional methods before, including two different stints with a medical clinic along with required AA meetings. This is the first time I feel like I actually have a grasp on the root cause of my reasons for drinking. Dr. Wu made me feel comfortable from the very beginning in using hypno-therapy to reprogram my mind and to deal with past issues that had been haunting me for years. I strongly recommend Dr. Wu as a viable alternative to traditional methods for giving up alcohol.
--- Bill N., CA

I travel 100% of my time for work and have gained significant weight over the last few years. I contacted Dr. Wu for hypnotherapy to help me control my weight gain. Dr. Wu has been instrumental in helping me identify areas where I could gain control over my poor eating habits, add a level of achievable exercise, and turn my evenings away from home into positive, healthy activities.

Many evenings I would sit in my hotel room, order room service and watch television. I am now enrolled in language and yoga classes, and swim whenever possible. I have also increased my intake of water and fresh foods. Dr. Wu has helped me put a plan together to improve my health and lifestyle and reinforced that plan with hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy and CD has been instrumental in keeping me aware of what I need to do and why, plus helping keep me motivated. I am currently losing weight at a healthy rate.
--- Linda Cisco, Senior Project Management Consultant

Dr. Shelley Wu has helped me with de-stressing, relaxation, transitioning into effective physical workout, and being more happy. Dr. Wu has helped me greatly through her effective combination of mind and body workout. The physical part of the yoga, the stretches, the exercise, and the building of strength and flexibility, have anchored the sessions and given me something tangible to take away after each session. At the same time, the meditation and guided imagery have helped me be happier, consolidate a calmer state of mind, and feel at the same time younger, and more accepting. I highly recommend Dr. Wu.
--- Barry Naughton, College Professor

Dr. Wu was very helpful and insightful, bringing things to my awareness that helped me let go of childhood issues and move forward into greater confidence and success. She was very professional and thorough in understanding my issues and helping to transform them. It was a pleasure working with her - as a beginning Hypnotherapist, I learned a lot.
--- J.H., School Facilitator / Hypnotherapist

For Public Speaking and Golfing: "At Dr. Wu Hypnotherapy & Yoga, the focus was to open my mindset and remove obstacles related to public speaking and golf. I have noticed subtle differences and feel that I have made progress and will continue to make progress going forward. I am encouraged by the differences noticed."
--- Gary Z., Operations Manager

Dr. Shelley Wu has helped me with: nutrition, weight loss, self-esteem, alcohol abuse. I truly appreciate Dr. Wu's knowledge, wisdom, and guidance in my search for a more healthy lifestyle. She is an expert in her field. In addition to helping me achieve goals, Dr. Wu has helped me gain confidence and a stronger inner peace. I will continue to see her for lifestyle issues as I become even more fit and healthy in both mind and body. Thank you, Dr. Wu.
--- J. Staples,
Teacher/Jewelry Consultant

We enjoy Shelley's yoga lessons very much. She is patient and nice. Most important of all, I can feel that my body is changing. My muscle tone is feeling better. I actually feel younger! Thank you, Shelley.
--- Mr. & Mrs. Lo, & Daughter, Carmel Valley, CA

Dr. Wu was very accommodating to my requests for special language patterns. I felt a strong rapport and enjoyed working with her. I recommend her to anyone seeking to change behaviors with hypnosis.
--- Mary Tokumaru (sought help from hypnotherapy to return to a healthy body)

I was experiencing difficulty sleeping and waking up several times throughout the night. Dr. Shelley Wu taught me to hypnotize myself prior to going to sleep so that I could get a complete night's sleep without any pain. Since I have been practicing her technique, I sleep soundly. Also when I am experiencing pain during the day in my lower back, I have also applied her technique and it has effectively eliminated the pain and made my life much more manageable.

I truly recommend Dr. Wu as an experienced and knowledgeable hypnotherapist.
--- Fabienne Hendrix, San Diego

One session quit smoking hypnotherapy worked! Thanks.
--- Chris E., Student

For Self-esteem: "In the past several weeks, I feel much more confident in my ability to speak in from to large crowds. I have learned techniques to overcome anxieties over public speaking, as well as dealing with difficult situations/people. I have also leaned techniques to reduce anxiety and stress from my daily activities.

I enjoyed the hypnosis process, although I was skeptical at first before I stared my sessions. I also enjoyed our discussions on why and how things have developed in my childhood that have manifested as an adult. The one area which I feel I have had the least amount of benefit from is trying to deal with being obsessed with what others think about me. Dr. Wu has taught me a simple technique to work on this."
--- K. L., Pharmacist

The hypnotherapy was a good springboard in helping me overcome my internal issues with adding meat into my diet after so many years of being a vegetarian, while I ma not a complete "omnivore" just yet, I have been able to slowly venture to try chicken and sushi. Since so much of what stops me from not being a vegetarian is my own internal dialogue, the hypnotherapy, I believe, aided in changing some of those thought patterns.
---Tanja Kropt, Veterinary Medical Sales

With Dr. Wu's help I have been able to relax a lot better, with less stress. I can definitely feel the difference.
---Jimi Liles, Technician

Shelley Wu, PhD, E-RYT500, CCH